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Oticon Alta2

Monday, February 2 , 2015

I must say, in general, I am rather impressed with how all manufacturers are pushing the limits of technology.  The Oticon Alta2 is no exception.  This hearing aid is one of the products featured on our best-in-class lists...

Oticon Alta

The Oticon Alta2 products come in two technology levels.  The Alta2 and Alta2 Pro.  The Alta2 Pro is the premium level in technology whereas the Alta2 offers a more value oriented option.  There are various configurable options and features which may add additional costs based on the individual needs.  As well, all the Oticon ConnectLine wireless accessories are compatible with the Alta2 products using the new Streamer Pro accessory.

The Oticon Alta2 portfolio is a fully featured range of hearing instruments with Behind The Ear (BTE), Reciever In Canal (RIC) as well as a brand new lineup of custom products which now include a size 13 battery setup!  Those who don't know, Oticon did not offer a size 13 battery configuration in their last two generations of custom products.  We are quite excited in this knowledge and know this will benefit many people who require this configuration.

The Oticon Alta2 is built with a brand new processing core, called the Inium platform.  The Alta features new wireless communication abilities as well as improved sound processing features.  Personalization is at the heart of this new hearing technology.  Patients will now have far more control and ownership of how their hearing aids will sound and perform.  While this isn't considered to be revolutionary, the methods and tools which did not exist in traditional fittings have now been provided to the Hearing Care Practitioners.

The Oticon Alta2's core features include; Speech Guard E, Feedback Shield, Free Focus, and Youmatic.

Speech Guard E

This updated version of Speech Guard optimizes the sound levels to constantly preserve speech clarity and speech cues even when background noise is present.

Feedback Shield

Feedback Shield is a long overdue upgrade to Oticon's previous generation of feedback control.  Simply put, this new feedback management system uses three methods to continually provide feedback free, high quality sound

Free Focus

This new technology is a further refinement of microphone responses.  It is designed to mimic the sound pickup of the human ear, while delivering natural full sound when the environment is quiet and optimizes the microphones and noise reduction features when the environment gets noisy.


This feature of the Oticon Genie Fitting software allows your hearing aid clinician to setup a personalized fitting profile which is optimized by the user.  Specific sound files which allow the user to pick their preferred sound quality influences the fitting process.  This makes the fitting very personal and unique to each individual.

Oticon hearing aids are rigorously tested to ensure a robust design that can be used for an active life and to withstand everyday activities. Oticon hearing instruments are not only developed with intelligent mechanical design – including barriers to prevent water, dust and debris from getting inside the instruments – but several components are also nano-coated to repel moisture and water.

Oticon Alta

These combined tools, features and technology add up to an amazing package which will allow people with almost any degree of  hearing loss, the ultimate in hearing ability.  Read more about all our best-in-class hearing aids here...

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