Free Hearing Test (Toronto)

Monday, April 4 , 2016

Hearing Aid Source Toronto clinics always offer FREE hearing tests.  But, what's involved?

Brain Hearing For Better Hearing Aid Satisfaction

Wednesday, August 5 , 2015

Oticon has been developing new hearing aids that use what they describe as Brain Hearing which improves hearing aid user satisfaction up to 96%.  This improvement is based on previous studies of user[...]

Dizziness, Vertigo & Ménière’s Disease

Thursday, July 23 , 2015

Dizziness and balance problems (vertigo), Ringing in your ears (tinnitus), Fluctuating hearing loss.... What is Ménière’s disease?

Oticon Nera2

Thursday, December 18 , 2014

Introducing the Oticon Nera2 and Nera2 Pro.  These full featured new hearing aids have got what it takes to compete in a crowded market full of excellent competitor products.  But the one thing that[...]

Construction and Traffic and Noise, Oh My!

Monday, August 25 , 2014

Construction and Traffic and Noise, Oh My!

Hearing Aid Technology

Wednesday, December 4 , 2013

Sourced from HealthyHearing.com

Hearing Aid Prices

Wednesday, March 20 , 2013

Hearing aid prices seem to be a popular topic of discussion these days.  Our price for a hearing aid can vary from $450.00 to $4000.00 assuming government funding is available.  Click here to see our[...]

CBC Marketplace And The Hearing Aid Industry

Tuesday, February 26 , 2013

Recently, CBC Marketplace attempted to explain what goes on in the hearing aid industry, and explain why hearing aids are so expensive.  In short, not only did they not explain why hearing aids are[...]


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