Free Hearing Aid Trial: Try Before You Buy

Monday, January 4 , 2016

We are very excited to offer you a FREE hearing aid trial, courtesy of Unitron Hearing.  This revolutionary system is called Unitron Flex:Trial.  Unitron Flex:Trial hearing aids are offered in[...]

Oticon Alta2

Monday, February 2 , 2015

I must say, in general, I am rather impressed with how all manufacturers are pushing the limits of technology.  The Oticon Alta2 is no exception.  This hearing aid is one of the products featured on[...]

Hearing Aid Technology

Wednesday, December 4 , 2013

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GN Resound Alera Review

Thursday, November 3 , 2011

In-Ear Monitors - What are they?

Wednesday, September 21 , 2011

In-ear monitors work just like earphones you use with your I-pod, but the wearer can select sound from the stage, the band, stage cues, or other specifically isolated sound sources.

Unitron’s “Smart Alert” System is Breaking Ground Worldwide

Wednesday, May 25 , 2011

Unitron has produced a video on how to install this in-home hearing and alerting system. The video shows simple steps in setting the system up and how it is used within the home.


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