Ear Wax Removal

Monday, May 14 , 2018

Cerumen, commonly known as ear wax, occurs naturally in everyone's ears, usually without problems.  However, if wax becomes impacted or creates a blockage in the ear, you may require a professional[...]

Tinnitus Hearing Aids

Tuesday, January 5 , 2016

Hearing Aid Source is proud to offer several tinnitus treatment hearing aids.  There are many people suffering from tinnitus.  Some have ringing in their ears, others have buzzing.  Some experience[...]

Common Hearing Loss Myths

Wednesday, November 26 , 2014

Addressing health concerns can be intimidating or overwhelming.  Why are you struggling?  What is the treatment and how will it interfere with your life?  Can things improve?  Will they get worse? [...]

Construction and Traffic and Noise, Oh My!

Monday, August 25 , 2014

Construction and Traffic and Noise, Oh My!

Music Festivals and Hearing Protection

Tuesday, June 17 , 2014



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